Rain Pours Out To Fans

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K-pop star Rain met with 3,000 fans from 20 countries during a special fan meeting event held at the Weight Lifting Stadium in the Olympic Park, southern Seoul on Sunday.

The meeting titled "Rain’s Friend _ '07 Meeting of Rain’s Fans" gave the pop star an opportunity to become closer with members from his fan club.

During the meeting hosted by popular MC Kim Je-dong, Rain spoke candidly about his life and career, much to the delight of his fans. Fans were allowed to ask Rain some questions.

One fan asked how he felt about the negative comments and rumors about him circulating on the Internet. Rain said anyone can be hurt by bad comments, but he sees this as a strong motivation to work harder and prove his detractors wrong.

Rain also talked about the five reasons for his existence _ first, the hope of having a daughter that resembles his future wife, not him; second, to give happiness to his family, who went through tough times; third, for his mentor Park Jin-young, staff and close friends who support him; fourth, his fans and fifth, food.

When asked about his ideal type of woman, Rain said he is attracted to a pretty face, knockout figure and a good personality. He said that if he has a chance, he wants to get married as soon as possible and have three children.

Around 3,000 fans from Korea, China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom attended the event.

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